Los Angeles, CA


Private Yoga Lessons



Emily Broms is available to teach private yoga lessons or custom group classes in your home or workplace. Emily works closely with each private client to provide a tailored and attentive experience that will help you make the most of your body and your breath.

There is no wrong body for yoga. The important thing is for each practitioner to find where their edge is, and then, using yoga poses (asana) and breathing techniques (pranayama), relax into that edge.

Emily will help you set specific goals- whether it’s increased flexibility, better breathing, higher self confidence, greater focus, or a deeper connection to yourself, she will enjoy working with you as a partner in the search for a better version of you.

As a private yoga instructor, Emily will take you through a process of learning yoga practices and poses, breathing techniques, mind body connection, and meditation practice that you can use on your own time between classes.

Emily creates a safe and professional environment where the student can overcome personal blocks and expand what is possible in their bodies. The pace of training is developed in concert between teacher and student to maximize the time spent and abilities.

Rates to hire Emily for private yoga lessons and in home practice begin at $100/hour per student. Rates are higher for groups.

Contact Emily today to begin your journey to a better, more connected you!